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Making Me-Time Possible.


About Us

Have you ever needed a date-night or more me-time but didn't want to spend so much money paying a babysitter or couldn't figure out where to find a  babysitter?   Swap Sitter is your answer!

Created by parents for parents... Swap Sitter will help you in an easy and pocket-friendly way. 

Our goal is to connect parents on a long-term basis rather than just a one-time swap, so you can consistently enjoy date-nights and more me-time... Once a week, every other week, or once a month depending on your wants and needs!

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How It Works -
5 Easy Steps

1)  Sign up for Swap Sitter and create your Swapper profile

2)  Search for Swappers using several different filtering options and their profile information

​​​3)  Connect with Swappers you think may be a good fit.  Once you find the right Swapper…

4)  Set up the swap!

5)  Join the Swap Sitter Facebook Group to be connected with the Swap Sitter Community and stay up-to-date with upcoming events

”Tagalong” swaps are available for Swappers that need to bring their kid(s) along with them.  This is a great option for single parents, stay-at-home moms/dads, and many others needing this option.

What We Offer

More Date-Nights.  More Me-Time.  Swap Sitter Community.

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More Date-Nights

Enjoy going on more date-nights without the guilt of spending lots of money on a babysitter.

Kids with Capes

More Me-Time

Enjoy spending time doing the things you love, want, and need to do without spending lots of money on a babysitter.

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Swap Sitter Community

Enjoy meeting new people and making friends through our Swap Sitter Community and local "Meet & Greet" events. 

Enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions to restaurants and businesses!


I love being part of the Swap Sitter Community! 

It has allowed my husband and I to go on date-nights regularly, instead of the 2 or 3 times a year we used to go on. ❤

Jackie, Mom of 2 boys

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