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Making Date-Nights Possible.   Making Me-Time Possible.


About Us

Have you ever needed a date-night or more me-time but didn't want to spend so much money paying a babysitter or couldn't figure out where to find a good babysitter? Swap Sitter is your answer!

Created by parents for parents... Swap Sitter will help you in an easy and pocket-friendly way. 

Our goal is to connect parents on a long-term basis rather than just a one-time swap, so you can consistently enjoy date-nights and more me-time... Once a week, every other week, or once a month depending on your wants!

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How It Works -
5 Easy Steps

1)  Sign up for Swap Sitter and create your swapper profile

2)  Search for swappers using several different filtering options and their profile information

​​​3)  Connect with swappers you think may be a good fit.  Once you find a good fit…

4)  Set up the swap!

5)  Join the Swap Sitter Facebook Group to be connected with your local community and stay up-to-date with upcoming events

”Tagalong” swaps are available for swappers that need to bring their kid(s) along with them to babysit.  This is a great option for single parents, stay-at-home moms/dads, and many others needing this option.


What We Offer

More Date-Nights.  More Me-Time.  Swap Sitter Community.

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More Date-Nights

Enjoy going on more date-nights without the guilt of spending lots of money on a babysitter.

Kids with Capes

More Me-Time

Enjoy spending time doing the things you love, want, and need to do without spending lots of money on a babysitter.

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Swap Sitter Community

Enjoy meeting new people and making friends in your community through our Swap Sitter connections, local events, and monthly "Meet & Greet" events.  Enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions offered by our local Community Partners.

I love being part of the Swap Sitter Community! It has allowed my husband and I to go on date-nights regularly, instead of the 2 or 3 times a year we used to go on. ❤

Jackie, Mom of 2 boys

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